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Empowering Boutiques Establishing an International Investment Program and Policy Sstatement
Treasury should be involved in global tax and repatriation strategy planning. Some countries may severely limit security selection and even prohibit some investments. Benchmarks can be used as performance measurement but even more valuable as an indication as to the investable universe for an international portfolio.

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Empowering Boutiques Empowering Boutiques: The Rise of the Specialist Manager
In the low-yield environment following the global financial crisis, many investors are turning to smaller, specialist boutique asset managers to give them timely exposure to new sources of alpha and fast-growing niche markets. Drawing on the results of a global State Street survey of smaller asset managers, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, this paper looks at the prospects for boutique managers.

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AFP Treasury Survey AFP Treasury Benchmarking Program - 2012 Survey
The 2012 survey collected data on cost, full-time equivalents (FTEs), cycle times and service delivery related to bank relationships and provides insight on issues ranging from treasury’s mandate to department success metrics to global trade. Access the easy-to-use interactive Treasury Benchmarking Dashboard to benchmark your organization on key treasury and finance metrics.

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Fund Performance is Just the Beginning Fund Performance is Just the Beginning
Many treasury professionals sit on their employer's 401(k) Retirement Plan Committee and share the responsibility of monitoring and reviewing their plan's investments. As a member of the Committee and a fiduciary, it is also important for you to have a disciplined understanding of your advisor's due diligence and evaluation process for recommending investment funds for your retirement plan.

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Short-Term Investment Strategies Strategies for Managing Short-Term Investments Through Difficult Financial Times

As markets slowly improve, this may be a good time to explore short-term investment options. To succeed, however, treasury professionals must act with extreme diligence and understand the composition of their company's portfolio.

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New Economic Reality Re-evaluating Your Investment Portfolio in the New Economic Reality
Government and nonprofit investors have a fiduciary responsibility to perform extensive due diligence on the financial firms they invest with and the types of investments they make. These tasks become even more challenging in a weakened economy.

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CFA Magazine: Point/Counterpoint CFA Magazine: Point / Counterpoint

Is it possible for the large investment banks to balance the interests of their investment banking clients with those of their private wealth clients?

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How Providence Health Systems Manages its Investment Programme
This article gives a detailed description of the selection and monitoring procedures used by the Providence Health Systems to manage its multiple operating funds, pensions, restricted accounts and other pools of liquidity. The investment committees, money managers, and consultants all collaborate as one team at all stages of the investment process.

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Cash as a Strategic Asset

As investors take a more active approach to their short-term portfolios, they must balance the potential for enhanced returns against risk and liquidity considerations.

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Balance Sheet Asset Strategies Boost Returns

Treasurers are no longer simply meeting working capital needs, but completely rethinking their investment strategies to include more complex securities to enhance returns.

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'Five Reasons Not to Pay Management Fees' and Other Fables
Several organizations offer short-term portfolio management services "free" or "nearly free" of management fees. This article discusses some of the misconceptions and pitfalls of not having an independent and objective third party managing corporate assets. Essentially, there are no checks and balances when the person selecting the investments stands to earn commissions on the selection of those securities. So who is really watching?

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Using Mutual Funds Using Mutual Funds as a Cash Management Tool
When selected and used wisely, mutual funds can be an effective investment alternative, offering diversification, professional management at low cost, and maximum liquidity. Money funds as well as specialized bond funds offer the potential for enhanced returns with optimal credit and sector diversification.

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RFP Process The RFP Process for Investment Management Services
An effective RFP and a careful due diligence process will help treasury managers select the most suitable investment managers. Key elements to be evaluated include each candidate's historical investment performance in a risk/return framework, style consistency, risk controls, and turnover.

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Investment Management at Wind River Systems, Inc.
This article profiles how one company has managed to maximize investment returns within acceptable risk and volatility constraints established by senior management. Using a multi-portfolio structure, the company has developed creative solutions to complex problems that entail optimizing returns on a restrictive, portfolio collateralizing a synthetic lease.

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Managing the Asset Managers...A View from the Valley
Cisco Systems

This article discusses how the treasury professionals at Cisco Systems, with billions in balance sheet cash that continues to grow, oversee internally and externally managed assets.

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